How can I increase my sales in ZALORA?

Fresh Products Everyday

Upload the product as much as possible. Never just trying out just to see the traffic because there are thousands of products on our platform. If you only upload less than 30 products, then your products will sink by new products from other suppliers on a daily basis. Let's say you have 300 SKUs, don't upload it all at once. Always give customers new arrivals so they can see your new products. You can upload it bit by bit, for instance 20 SKUs per week. Remember "Supply creates demand!"

Good Price

Make sure you provide the best price that can compete with other products from other suppliers. Please also provide attractive discounts to draw customer attention

Deep Stock

The deeper stock you give the more you will Increase your popularity to page 1.

Good Catalog

Online business is a business that sells goods through photos. Always consider the quality of your photos and make it interesting. That's why ZALORA always encourage you to follow the guidelines so you can compete with other international brands.

Join our Promotion Campaign

ZALORA always provide marketing effort and greater traffic when campaign. Always join the campaign that we conduct to increase the chances of your product is sold for more.

How do I get my products to appear on the front page?

The products are in the front page automatically sorted by Popularity. The logic of Popularity is counted by combination of freshness of the products, deep stock, good catalog, high CTR (how many times customers clicking and buying the products) and good performance on operations.

Why are some orders not shown in the monthly statement?

Only orders delivered in the current month will be shown in the statement. The orders shipped in current month but delivered in next month will be shown in statement of next month.

Why can't I see the update immediately after the content/image/price are changed on Seller Center?

All content updates need to be reviewed by QC team. QC team will review the changes for all sellers on first-come, first-served basis. You can check the status in the product overview.

Tracking Number

Please ensure that you fill in the correct tracking number in the Tracking ID box. Otherwise, we won't be able to track the package, confirm delivery and process. Tracking number is a proof for delivery to customer (which is money), please notify us through Seller Helpdesk as soon as possible if you have input the wrong tracking number.

Incomplete Customer Information And Duplicated Order

Please contact Seller Helpdesk and refrain from contacting the customer directly. We will get back to you once received latest update from customer as CS team might not reach the customer immediately.