How long does it take to have my products being reviewed by your QC team?

4 working days from the date you created/edited your products. Our QC team review products according to their creation/edit time from pending the longest to the shortest. Please note that if you upload a new product and edited it while it has not been reviewed, then that product will be positioned in the QC queue based on the most recent edited date and time.

What does that "ON/OFF" button next to my products in Seller Center do?

It allows to control the visibility of your products on our website. "ON" means it is visible and available to the customer and "OFF" will take the product off from your online catalogue.

How long can I put my products on sale for?

There is no restrictions on the length of sale period, it is completely on seller's own business decision. However, if you are participating in a campaign organised by ZALORA, then you will be required to follow the time frame and price markdown set for the campaign.

Is it necessary to have my images in the size 762 X 1100 pixels?

No. but this is the recommended image size to achieve the best visual layout on both Desktop and Mobile version of ZALORA. You are allowed to upload images bigger than 762 x 1100 pixels, but you MUST follow the ratio 0.69:1. Alternatively, you can upload your product image and crop it using our image editing tool to resize the image down to 762 x 1100 pixels in Seller Center.

What should I do if I am going away and no one is available to process orders?

Please switch "OFF" your products on Seller Center under Manager Products. Any Pending orders exceeded the pre-agreed handling time will be cancelled automatically and it will potentially lead to an exceptionally high cancellation rate and also customer complaints.

Under what circumstances will my order be cancelled by the system?

There are two circumstances that your order will be cancelled by our system automatically:
1. The order has been under the Pending status for longer than the given order handling time stated on your contract.
2. The order stays under the Ready-to-Ship status for more than 2 days.
Please process your order within the pre-agreed order handling time to avoid such cancellations.

How can I handover the parcels to my courier?

All orders (Including Cash-On-Delivery) can only be picked up from your registered warehouse address with us. It is necessary to inform us if you have any changes on warehouse address or contact person.


What will happen if I did not upload 20 approved products by the deadline?

Your account will be deactivated 30 days after creation if it is not yet live on ZALORA. If your account is deactivated, you can contact the Seller Support for further arrangement.
If your seller account has been deactivated for 3 months, then it will be deleted from our Seller Center.

Who should I contact if I require assistance from ZALORA?

Brand Acquisition Manager: Contract related issue (Before Live), Starting another new contract
OnBoarding Team: Account related issues and Products Management before your brand starts selling on ZALORA
Account Manager: Account and Marketing related issues, Product Management after your brand starts selling on ZALORA
Seller Helpdesk: Order Management Issues - Incomplete customer information, Courier problem, Warehouse changes, Wrong tracking number, etc.